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5 Easy street style outfit for man 2019-20

• i want to tell you something about street style fashion
•street style fashion has been driven furiously the contries
•i will tell you about 5 street style dress which are trending 

1. street style fashion in formal dress
•formal dress is a dress that people look cool ans sexy
•used love black and white pant with light shirt .like blue,navy green,red
•and you should also used shoes like to be combination of dresses 
2. Street style fashion(using jeans,T-shirt and leather jacket)
•most people to see cool using with jeans t-shirt with leather jacket 
•according to the dress you have to wear a nice shoe
•and also you should wear sunglasses and watches
3.street style fashion(using formal pant,T-shirt,blazer and formal shoe)
•this is the dress combination you can use it everywhere  to go to office to go to the wedding to party
•this dress code is trendinf in 2019
•you can see in the picture and you also love this dress combination
4. Street style fashion(using half pant,sweat tshirt,and spoart shoe)
•this which dress code coning in very simple bit you can easly buy and you should wear it 
•you would love to wear this dress and give it to the photo below 
•and you should also used with this dress sunglasses ,cap ,watches
5.street style fashion(using accidental jeans,plain shirt ,denim jacket)
•in India which is the dress has gone quite that is quite good trending 
•you guys who are probably watching you guys also mostly used that dresses
•have a small fat party or have fun doing with friend or go roam so this dress we people can wear and look good

Thank you
Tell me in comments box which is the best street style dress code.
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